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Letters from Friends: The Goldberg Family

Earlier this summer, we sent our donors a message regarding a special donation we planned to make to the family of Alex Schachter, the 14-year-old boy who was killed in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida earlier this year. He was a lifelong UConn fan and hoping to attend, post-graduation, as a member of the marching band.

We provided his family here in Connecticut with 10 season ticket packages, so they could hopefully begin to heal alongside the UConn family Alex was hoping to be a part of. Sports can often be more than just a game, and this is an example of how special they can be. The following is the letter they shared with us…

Good Morning UConn Alumni Members,

I wanted to thank you all again for giving our family the football tickets to the UConn home games. We went to 4 of the games and my son and his friends used the tickets for the other 2 games. My husband, my sister from Michigan and her son and I went the last game over Thanksgiving weekend. We also had a long time friend from the Boston area whose daughter wants to attend UConn in the Fall come and join us for the game.

Attached is a picture of us that appeared on the TV during the game. My friend texted it to me and said I think I saw you on TV. We kept warm with blankets, and hot chocolate.

It was certainly cold that day. We stayed until after the band played and then we had to leave, we were frozen. But I wanted to thank you again for being so generous to our family. We so appreciated your kindness.


Patti Goldberg

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